Giovanni Berruti and his wife, Aurelia Chini, both from the Italian region of Tuscany, founded Bodegas Berruti & Chini in 1947. Forced by the outbreak of World War II in Europe, at the end of the thirties they emigrated to Argentina. Giovanni, with more than twenty years of experience in the viticultural sector in the Italian city of Montefalco, finally established with his family in the Argentinian province of Mendoza.

Due to the excellent climatic conditions and the richness of the land in this geographical area, he decided to start his own vineyard in a total of 260 hectares. He did so that years later, they were able to reach the dream of producing their own wine, fruit of commitment and family work.

The passage of time produced changes. However, year after year the employees are still committed to the dream of its founders, which is to make this winery an example of the entrepreneurial spirit that characterizes us.


Berruti y Chini is a winery rooted in Argentine winemaking traditions with a European touch that makes the quality of our wines an essential part of our work. The winery integrates with great dedication each one of the stages of elaboration, from the planting and the harvest of our grapes, to the elaboration, aging, bottling and finally commercialization, making our wines a constant inspiration and delight for our consumers.

Through modern and efficient business management, respecting our traditions and origins, we offer high quality wines, not only to the local market but also to the international market, adapting our wines to the tastes of our customers, in every corner of the world.



Be a reference and position ourselves as a vanguard winery in the stages of cultivation, production and marketing of our wines, making quality a distinctive competence of our winery. 

We are committed to an ambitious internationalization plan, trying to cover culturally different markets, such as the Asian market and the North American market with the objective of promoting the winemaking traditions of our country. 

We believe in the commitment to be constantly in the search for technological development and innovation of the winery and our products.


Through dedication, commitment and daily care, the company conceives products and services of guaranteed quality. 

Respect for the traditions and origins of our land, this being a fundamental part of our development. 

Security to each of the members of this company, ensuring work as a means of personal dignity. 

Commitment to sustainable innovation. 

Sustainable development and protection of the environment.

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