Our wines

The story tells that between the wisdom of the aborigines and the knowledge of European immigrants was born the legend that today is the emblem of our wines.

Wines that know of nostalgia, roots, family and land. They know of effort and love, with which they worked the soil where our roots are firm. Of patience, because to be able to grow, it is necessary to take your time. Balance, because any good result is due to the union of its characteristics to the right extent. Of enjoyment, because there is not a good time, only good reasons.

But above all, they know of pride; that same pride that moves us to take them around the world.

Lion d'Or


Star of our winery, brings in its name the lion, corpulent, eminent and distinguished animal, with intense red mane and with a prestige characteristic of an Argentine Malbec.

Tasting Notes

Color: Intense red with violet tints

Aroma: Red fruits such as plum, cherries, appearing vanilla aromas as a result of its passage through American oak.

Mouth: Persistent, pleasant, of good body but friendly, with an interesting balance between the typical fruits of the variety and the wood in which it was in contact.

Pairing: Red meat or pasta with arrabiata sauce

Service Temperature: between 15 and 18°C


Tasting Notes

Color: Red / Purple

Aroma: Combination between black cherry, plum and spices (oregano, green pepper) all these aromas contributed by the varieties that make up this Blend.

Mouth: Balanced, it feels tannins that give a good structure and well-structured to the palate.

Pairing: Red meats or pasta with potent bolognese sauce.

Service Temperature: Between 15 and 18°C.


Tasting Notes

Color: Light Red

Aroma: Fresh fruits, strawberry and a mixed with cherry and plum.

Mouth: Fresh and fruity, easy to drink.

Pairing: White meats or pasta with light sauces.

Service Temperature: between 14 and 17°C

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