The surface of Berruti & Chini´s vineyards is 260 hectares, distributed in 4 lands, which have, 11 houses for contractors and personnel. All the vineyards have the  irrigation through channels of natural irrigation of high mountain melting and also all have wells for extracting water from groundwater. 

The existing varieties are Malbec, Cabernet, Chardonay, Bonarda, Tempranillo, Syrah and others first quality varieties.

BERRUTI Vineyard

It is the main vineyard of the winery from which this great dream began. It is over 60 years old with a total area of ​​95 hectares where the mainly grapes that grow in this land are the Malbec and Cabernet

At first the method of planting was with low trellis but then through innovations in culture the plants were raised until a high trellis.

DECuRGez vineyard

Vineyard located 25 kilometers from the winery, it is named after an important agronomist of that time, who was a partner and a great friend of the family.

Finca Decurgez has a total of 45 hectares and the Tempranillo and Syrah grapes are cultivated to a greater extent. It has a high trellis system and has a traditional irrigation system by furrow.

Alto Chapanay VINEYARD

Vineyards that are in an extensive surface of more than 83 hectares. The farm has a slope of 3%, which allows the mass of cold air to flow to cooler areas avoiding climatic damage by frost.

In their trellises grow varieties such as Chardonay, Bonarda and Malbec. The latter brings with it an intense color, firm tannins and floral aromas like violets.


It is the youngest vineyard in the winery, which has been working for about 15 years. It is located in front of the winery, with a total area of ​​36 hectares. In these vineyards, most of the grapes are Malbec and Cabernet Sauvignon.

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