The winery retains its original façade built by Giovanni himself and his wife Aurelia in 1947. With the intention of protecting a family legacy of effort and work, traditions harmoniously coexist with strong innovation, using state-of-the-art technology.

The winery is located in the town of Chapanay, San Martín Department of the Province of Mendoza. The family Berruti and Chini chose to undertake in this locality due to its great development because of having one of the main provincial train stations of the San Martin Railroad. Therefore Chapanay consolidated itself as a key district of winemaking in Mendoza, since it had direct channel access to the port of Buenos Aires and then exported high quality wines.

Built on the main vineyard of the company on a land of 94 hectares where the winery has its two main production buildings. This production area has a total of 2,500 m2 divided into 2 levels, processing and wine aging zone.

Then the fractioning and storage sector has an area of 1,500 m2, leaving 800 m2 for the maintenance area, toilets and locker rooms for the staff.

In addition, the winery has its main house, a building with a total area of 650 m2 in which the administration and laboratories area is located.


With a total production capacity of 7,000,000 liters, Berruti & Chini ensures with a large volume of production but also with an exhaustive quality control, the fulfillment of any order, and at any time with wines of the highest excellence. 

Among its facilities, the winery has 105 pools of different capacities that allows a deep and intesive control of quality, since with volumes of easy handling and control it is possible to have a diversity in wine varieties, indispensable for markets of different preferences. 

Our winery has high technology and latest generation harvest equipment to conserve the organoleptic characteristics of the grapes in our vineyards, imprinting Berruti & Chini wines with the distinctive stamp of the dedicated work of its people and its terroir.

Bottling and storage

We have a complete bottling line, which allows us to ensure up to the last detail of quality of our products, as well as the care and conservation of them in warehouses designed and equipped with the best technology, and under the care of our own people until it direct transportation to national and international markets.

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